Salon International 2012

I'm excited to announce that the oil painting  "A Delicious Subject" has been selected for Salon International 2012, Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art, San Antonio Texas.  (Opens April 14th).  I'm thrilled and humbled to be among dozens of highly regarded artist selected for this years competition.

"A Delicious Subject "

Homer Laughlin's Vintage Fiesta Juice Tumblers

I'm working on another painting but this one was up in my studio and calling my name...  I had set it aside to study it - something just didn't look quite right to me.  I decided to pick it up this morning and finish it.

Another painting inspired by Homer Laughlin's Vintage Fiesta line, this is of three vintage juice tumblers produced only during the years of 1940-1943 as promotional pieces.   Shown here are the original Fiesta Yellow,  Uranium Red, and Turquoise Blue.   They are in remarkable condition.  I really enjoy having the Fiesta line of dishes around.  Their bright cheery colors make me smile.

Oil on linen canvas - 12x16