WAOW - National Exhibit

Just received notice today that I've been honored with a jurors award at the Women Artist of the West National Exhibit in Estes Park, Colorado!  Very  good news!

Women Artist of the West National Exhibit

The piece that won the award was  "Water to Wine".

Very excited to receive this recognition.  Thank you WAOW and special thanks to the judge of the event  Karen Vance!

Water to Wine

One of my granddaughters friends has a farm and recently invited us to come over and see his wonderful garden.  In the back there were some grapes growing on a vine and he picked a bunch for me to bring home so I could use them in a painting.  The leaf had been ripped and some of the edges had turned brown - more character as a subject.   The pottery is  a piece I picked up a while back.  It seemed the perfect choice for  the grapes to "pose" against.   The base is the antique oak library file cabinet I picked up in Round Top this year - proving to be one of my favorite wood bases to "pose" my subjects on.

    Water to Wine is painted on a 9x12 oil primed linen covered baltic birch 
     panel and I plan to float frame it to add still another touch of drama.