Green Apples and Cinnamon Sticks

This is one of my recent paintings...  couldn't resist the vintage colander I used in Eggs an Enamel so decided to stage it with apples and a berry pail.  Started to name this one Spiced apples but have decided to let the painting speak for itself...:)

Green Apples and Cinnamon Sticks
Oil on Linen

I've completed several other paintings in the past  month and will post those later...  Thanks for stopping by...

"Knowledge - The Beginning of Great Things"

I decided on a title for the shelf sitters... "Knowledge - The Beginning of Great Things".  I have this one in the church exhibit and they request an artist interpretation of each work submitted.  I really enjoy this part of the process because it really makes me think about why I'm painting something.  I thought I'd share it with you... "when I was a child , I quickly realized that reading opened up a new world of places I'd never been,  people who led interesting lives and knowledge of those who accomplished great things.  These new adventures set into place the beginning of my lifetime goals."

I finally got a better photo of the painting and have posted it below.

I'll be starting another large work this next week and will work on it along side the dailies I've been doing.